GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure Bend OR

How does the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure work?

GentleWave® Ultracleaning machine

The GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure combines acoustic energy and optimized fluids to reach every part of the root system, including the interior porous surfaces. However, with the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure, all of the biofilm is removed in a single session so there is little risk of a second infection.

Benefits of GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure:

  • Comfortable: Because it is less invasive than files, it is also much more comfortable.
  • One-Treatment Procedure: The process is so effective; it is usually done in just one visit.
  • Healthier Teeth: The process leaves more of your healthy tooth intact.
  • A Cleaner Clean: The combination of fluids and ultrasonic waves ensures a deeper cleaning in areas where bacteria can hide from endodontic files.

Don’t Avoid Treatment Any Longer!

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Less Chance of Reinfection

Because the root systems of teeth are so complex, it can be difficult to reach all areas with a traditional root canal, which utilizes a series of files to remove bacteria and diseased material. By contrast, the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure uses multi sonic energy and specialized fluids to reach every corner and crevice of the tooth for a more complete cleaning and less chance of reinfection.

Illustration of Gentlewave system removing tissue and debris

What is Multisonic Ultracleaning™?

Traditional ultrasound wavelength technology relies on a single wavelength. With Multisonic Ultracleaning™, however, multiple frequencies are used at the same time and combined with special fluids to deliver the deepest clean.